30 Jul

The kickass site acts like a source mother site which gives downloading options of multiple torrent websites. Kickass has been under restrictions due to many reasons and has resulted in the ban of this website from many countries. Its websites have always gone under some internal issues that could be fixed by kickass proxy and mirror sites. Mirror sites make users view their desirable content when they cannot access the main website.

Here are some top kickass proxy and mirror sites

1. Kickass.sx

2. Kickass.unblocked.live

3. Kactr.to

4. Kat.li

5. Kickasstorrents.to

6. Kickass.cr

7. Kat.cr

Kickass proxy and mirror websites replicate all of the content. Download a VPN and start spoofing your location to a country that allows access to these torrents. Hide your IP from your ISP to avoid being caught. The benefit of accessing kickass proxy is that the outside observer will only be able to see people usually get confused between kickass proxy and mirror has one function but they both are different with a different function.

Kickass mirrors are just the clone of the source site that are born with different domains and servers e.g., mirror 1337x. Kickass proxy server acts as an intermediate between clone site and original kickass site.

Though it doesn’t affect much whether you using kickass proxy or kickass mirror, as they both give the ultimate benefit of
privacy and security with an equal amount of content available.

So, any kickass torrent user who used to surf their favorite content can easily find the same experience and content on kickass proxy and mirror sites.

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